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Virtual LCA20

Welcome to Virtual LCA20!

This year our mode of delivery will be different. However, the love and vibe of LCA will be the same. As you know, the pandemic has made the world shift gears. LCA20 has also had to shift with the changes.

The safety and concern of all of my attendees are of the utmost important to me. Therefore, we are taking LCA20 virtual to ensure the well-being of all involved. That being said, we are still going to party, laugh, learn, and glow during LCA20.

The theme of LCA20 is We Are Family. What better way to celebrate the theme, than by honoring the life and legacy of the iconic Francis Ray. Francis Ray work and her geneorosity are legendary in the publishing industry. Though she is no longer phyisically with us, her wonderful artistry continues to live on in words. Members of the book community will honor her memory.

We will also still have our infamous girls night out. We are not able to to do the arts and crafts sessions. However, we will still be able to enjoy music, spoken word, games, and book club chatter. In addition, our resident nurse, Nanette Kelly will share some tips of gaining the ultimate pleasure principle.

Saturday we will have workshops on budgeting and publishing. We also will get our entire lives back with the From Worrier to Warrior Worshop. There will be panels with your favorite authors. Te' Russ will bring a whole vibe with her aerial performance. In addition, some participants will get an opportunity to pitch their manuscript to literary agents. Last but certainly not least, we will have the readers and authors awards that evening. Whew! Hold on to your bookshelves! We are going in........

Key Points

Registration is free. However, you must register on the link to be admitted to virtual LCA20. All attendees must obtain that virtual ticket for entrance. You don't have to attend every session to obtain a ticket. However, entrance in some sessions can't be guaranteed if they are fulled. You will receive a password etc. for the link to enter into the event a few days prior to the start of LCA20.

I am looking forward to seeing you. Keep Shining.

Read You Later,

La Sheera Lee

Virtual LCA20 Registration Link

Please click the link below to register for LCA20.