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Award winning blogger, La Sheera Lee, M.Ed., is a wife, mother, educator, podcaster, moderator, and author. She is on a mission to help others to see the beauty of their own voices.
La Sheera, also known for her savvy as a social media strategist and influencer, loves to help people connect the dots. She utilizes the power of social media to inspire, inform and educate on a global level.   
A native of a small city in Virginia, this Teacher of The Year, realizes that success is leading the next person forward.
You can hear her on Where your voice is heard. You can connect with her at

As women, we wear numerous hat. Everyone and everything pulls us in different directions. Jobs, family, relationship, social and civic obligations. All vie for our time. We are often left in scattered pieces, It is time we reclaim our rightful time and place in the sun. Join me in this insightful journey of self-discovery and self-love. 
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