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Curve Your Budget

Money saving tips to make your dimes stretch.

1. Create a budget.
There are plenty of online templates and organizers that will help you get your household budget in check. Use the user friendly documents to take trend your spending habits.

2. Map out menu plans for the entire week.
You might be surprised to see how much of your income is spent on fast food. Ladies, we lead very busy lives. Often, our busy     leaves us grabbing convenient meals. However, this meals are often hurting our bottom lines as well as our waistlines. Have             your meals prepped and ready to go at the beginning of the week. Prepped meals generally deter you from making poor meal           choices.

3. Use technology to save money.
    Make that smart phone work for you. There are many apps and digital coupons that benefit shoppers. You can find discounts on     food,clothes, housewares, shoes and furniture. 

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