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Virtual LCA20 Agenda

August 21, 2020 

7:00 PM EST Welcome/Games by La Sheera Lee 

7:15 PM EST Drama. Drama. Drama Te' Russ, La Jill Hunt, and Alexandra Warren

8:00 PM EST Cool Sounds from the Soulful Talton Manning

8:15 PM EST Cool Book Club Chatter with Kennedy Ryan and Vanessa Riley

8:45 PM EST Spoken Word with Nikkea Sharee 

9:00 PM EST Book Club Heat With Christina C. Jones (CCJ) 

9:45 Break 

10:00 PM EST The Pleasure Principle with Nanette Kelly 

10:45 PM EST Day 1 Closing Remarks

August 22, 2020

12:00 PM EST Welcome La Sheera Lee

12:15 PM EST Worrier to Warriorwith Cassandra Durham and Collete Harell

12:45 PM EST  Aerial  Performance by Te' Russ

12:50 PM EST Rock The Boat with Danielle Allen, Bailey West, and Sabrina Scales

1:30 EST Inside Publishing Entangled Publishing CEO and Publisher Liz Pelletier

2:00 EST She Means Business With Anglea Ray, Christy Luxe, Latoya Smith, and Joyce Mayo

2:30 EST Make It Last Forever with Tina Martin, Cheris Hodges, Stephanie Nicole Norris

3:15 EST Love Notes with Siera London, Vivian Rose Lee, and Reana Malori

3:45 EST Book Club Love with Deborah Mello, Iris Bolling, Jaquelin Thomas and Sheryl Lister

4:30 EST Tell Me Something Good with Norma Mclauchlin, Eva Brock, and Kimberla Lawson Roby

5:00 PM EST Break

5:15 PM EST Pitch Sessions with Entangled Publishing, LCS literary Services, and SBR Media 

6:00 PM EST Break

8:00 PM EST Readers and Authors Awards

8:30 Tribute to Francis Ray

9:15 Closing Remarks/ La Sheera Lee